International Consulting

We advise our clients on the definition of the investment policy, the long-term investment strategy to be followed, and the tactical changes it is appropriate to implement according to market conditions and Econsult’s analysis.

Investment Portfolio

We advise on the design, training, and monitoring of the investment portfolio according to our client’s long-term objectives. We provide advice to the client in the selection of managers, banks, brokers, and custodians.

Study of administration and transaction costs

We analyze the costs paid by the client and provide permanent advice in negotiating the commissions charged by the suppliers (custody, brokerage, funds, and administration) in each of the portfolios.

Investment Committee

We adapt the portfolios based on the tactical vision and the ranges approved in the investment policy, we evaluate the investment recommendations that the client receives in all types of financial products, including alternative financial products, such as structured products, options, private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, and low liquidity assets.

Monitoring and control

We review the costs and conditions for portfolio management, including supervision of the valuation of financial assets, and thoroughly review returns, fees, and performance attribution.

 Achievements and results

  • Positive performance of our client’s investment portfolios.
  • Investment model validated by the growth of our clients.
  • Attention to families, holdings, or foundations.
  • Our scale allows us access to low transaction and custody costs.
  • High permanence of our clients over time.