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Antonio Larraín E.


Before joining Econsult in 2015, he was the Manager at a business holding for a prominent Chilean family, and while he was in charge, he developed among other things the investment policy, and he also implemented a “private equity” program and a “real estate” program (in Chile as well as abroad), he attended board meetings associated with the family and participated in several M&A transactions. Previously he was an executive at Compass-Consorcio, where he assumed various management positions leading the portfolio management teams for different kinds of assets.

He is currently a member of the board of Econsult Asesoría de Inversiones and is mainly dedicated to advisory,, designing financial portfolios and management of investment for private individuals, holdings, foundations and families. Additionally, he actively supports the investment team at Econsult in matters such as “the development of Private Equity and Real Estate programs” focused on foreign investments. He was also full professor of Finance III at Universidad de Los Andes, during 2006 and 2007.